Mind, Body and Soul

"Music which is a celebration of the Angels in animal form that watch over us" - Margrit Coates. It is music also, to reflect the...
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Easy to follow meditations with Margrit Coates to help you communicate with the animals in your life.
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Hands-on healing is a natural and safe help for animals that anyone can tune into. Sharing universal healing energy with animals...
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Aromatherapy is derived from two words. Aroma - meaning fragrance or smell and Therapy - meaning treatment. Aromatherapy has been...
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The latest release in the Mind Body and Soul series is Ayurveda by Composer Chris Conway and comprehensive notes about the...
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Baby Massage is a wonderful and special gift that you can share with your baby.  This form of massage has been practised for...
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An all-new album from Australian favourites Sacred Earth. This beautifully ethereal album differs greatly from their previous...
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Awareness of your chakra system and learning to balance your energy can enhance the overall quality of your life.  Life...
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The combined vibration of colour and music creates an all encompassing powerhouse of healing energy. The aim has been to produce...
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Connecting with animals takes place when we tune into them via our minds and hearts. Animals communicate with us all the time,...
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Crystal Healing is a powerful and effective way to remove blockages and distortions from the human field. It is widely accepted...
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For thousands of years people in the Far East have used Feng Shui to improve health, careers, relationships and prosperity....
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