Music with Nature

Phil Thornton is an acclaimed master of the synthesizer, and here he conjures up a superb series of intricate, sparkling and...
22.95 AUD
This unique sound experience with ocean, heart beat, choral voices and dolphins is a classic! Jonathan Goldman, author of Healing...
24.95 AUD
Bringing together the power of trance-inducing ceremonial drums with mystical layers of natural sounds, mono-chord, and shamanic...
22.95 AUD
An inspired and positive interpretation of the magnificent spirit of eagles.  Flutes and pan-pipes, special effects and skin...
22.95 AUD
The joy of a fresh spring day, the birds soaring in flight, the magic of dawn, the calm of the evening, the river's way, tranquil...
22.95 AUD
That unique brief atmosphere of nature's tension and release. That is what Essence of Magic is all about, a passing cloudburst or...
22.95 AUD
Gentle keyboards and the natural sounds of a tropical twilight create a perfect atmosphere for the end of the day.  Anthony...
22.95 AUD
The first half hour track features a gently flowing river. The second half hour track features the gently flowing river with the...
22.95 AUD
Following the huge success of "Walking in Harmony", Brian Carter takes you on a magical journey of discovery into the "Heart of...
22.95 AUD
This album is the result of study and research into the use of sounds and music to create inner balance and healing. ...
22.95 AUD
The recording places you in a Monastery Garden, surrounded by birdsong, with the tranquil sound of Monk's Gregorian Chants.
22.95 AUD
Completely performed, recorded & photographed in the sacred Black Hills by Lakota, Navajo, Oglala, Cherokeee, Chumash and...
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