Heart and Soul Rhapsodies” (2014) is Asher’s first purely instrumental offering since “A Concert of Angels”, back in 1993, and is...
Recreate the peacefulness of the forest with this collection of soothing piano and cello melodies with quiet natural sounds.
Celebrate the energy of Springtime with these vibrant Celtic favourites. 12 tracks of uplifting traditional Irish music.
Let these entrancing melodies carry you within the deepest heart of Bali, where temples, tranquil tides and sandalwood breezes...
With it's non-intrusive instrumentation and long quieter passages intertwined with gentle natural sounds, Paul Lawler's specially...
Everybody is sensual and erotic but you have to find the key to unlock it. The key might well be this beautiful music which...
"With its history and cultural richness, I felt encouraged to compose a Tibetan themed album.  However, I decided to deviate...
Drawing upon the renowned healing energies of crystals, this clear, delicate music floats in your mind with a dreamlike quality,...
Emerging from a deep refreshing sleep, you realise even before you open your eyes, that another beautiful day is about to begin....
An inspired and positive interpretation of the magnificent spirit of eagles. Flutes and pan-pipes, special effects and skin drums...
By following this simple contemplation, you can make the decision today to begin to feel positive about your life and create...
Aquarians have a special gift with their force of personality which is shown in the music of "Hinxworth Place" and "Whispered...
Cancerians have powerful and often uncontrollable emotions expressed with such force in "The View Beyond" and "No Wall To Contain...
A Scorpio is passionate and direct - characteristics that are shared with music on the tracks Women of Ireland and Last Night....
Luis's brand of Latin music is equal parts finger-shredding arpeggios, infectious rhythms, languid, hypnotic jams and intricate...
Who were the High Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis? Where did they come from? What powers did they have? How did they rule...