Asher Quinn (Asha)

Singer-songwriter of higher love songs, new age pianist and instrumentalist
""We are the earth, the moon, the stars, the sun... we are many, we are special, we are one" ~ Asher Quinn from the track 'We are one' on the album "O Great Spirit"."
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"We are the earth, the moon, the stars, the sun... we are many, we are special, we are one" ~ Asher Quinn from the track 'We are one' on the album "O Great Spirit".

I have been composing and recording albums of vocal, instrumental and piano music since 1987, and my themes are invariably around higher love and opening the heart to deeper truths. I very much have a one-world philosophy, and my ballads, love-songs, ethnic folk tunes, fugues and musical vignettes fall into the new age musical genre, as well as the folk-rock, wandering minstrel and even classical traditions. I also work as a trans-personal psychotherapist, and my main inspirations come from spirit and mythology as well as from some of the great troubadours of our age like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. I currently have 17 different albums in my catalogue, some of them meditative and relaxing piano or instrumental compositions, or, more usually, collections of mystical love-ballads that I have composed. My albums have been described as both tender and uplifting, and sometimes even other-worldly! I am an intuitive musician, and have never learned to read or write music. I found I could play and understand music very early, aged 4! I began first to play by ear, and then to compose. I found I could also play football intuitively, and consider myself to be the George Best of new age music! My lyrics are channeled... that's the only way I can describe it... and my aim is simply to heal my own heart with the words and melodies that come into my consciousness, and by expressing myself vocally, and then to reach out and share this heart-space with any other soul who resonates. My music contains a kind of longing or melancholy... a longing for a more conscious connection with creation. Many people have written to say that they experience my music as healing, and that it invokes tears of recognition, joy and re-connection... a kind of 'coming home' experience.

Here's what people say:-

"Asher, your music is out of this world! It sounds like it's given to you by the angels." ~ Janet, Netherlands

"Go, Jesus, go!" ~ Maria, Sweden

"If heaven does exist then they surely play your music up there!" ~ Patrick, France

"Your new song 'We are one' made me cry. After 25 years of searching from Inayat Khan, Lao Tse, Yogananda and now Eckhart Tolle I can add Asher Quinn as one of my guides." ~ Pieter, Netherlands.

"Your songs make me remember all the love in my heart." ~ Virva, Brazil

"Your music is simply as Kahlil Gibran once said 'like drinking the dawn in glasses made out of ether'!" ~ sufiest666, YouTube

"My mother introduced me to your music. She said it made her feel like she was in the presence of God." ~ Mary, UK

Several of my albums have topped new age and ambient charts around the world, like Open Secret, Mystic Heart and Concert of Angels, and my most recent release, O Great Spirit, has been nominated for a grammy award. Some songs of mine were used in the soundtrack for a French art film by celebrated French author Michel Houllebecq, called 'La Possibilite d'un Ile', and several other songs have been used as anthems by various global spiritual and humanitarian organisations, tracks like 'Soldier of love', 'Missa Greca' and 'This love'. I have collaborated with other artists in the field such as Phil Thornton and James Asher, and my very earliest albums were produced by Genesis founding father Anthony Phillips. I continue to compose and record after 25 years and am currently completing a new album called 'Sacred Songs'. In recent years I have increasingly given concerts, and have performed in the UK, Spain, Holland and Belgium. This year I will also sing in Hungary and Iceland, and next year I have been invited to sing at the 2013 Rainbow Spirit Festival in Munich. I am always open to invitations to give concerts! My YouTube channel contains many album and song videos.